Our awesome features

Access anywhere, anytime

XBRL Reports is cloud based, which means you can access it 24/7, on any device, wherever you are. Save your drafts and complete at your convenience.

Accountant friendly

We keep it simple - enjoy a simple, elegant and easy to use interface. No technical jargon or XBRL tags in sight. Your mandatory reporting will take minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

Directly to ASIC

Create, preview, validate and submit iXBRL files directly to ASIC. Receive a confirmation on the spot.

IFRS AU compliant

XBRL Reports is based on the most recent Australian IFRS taxonomy version and SBR framework requirements.

Highly secure

We have three (3) different levels of security to protect your account. Learn more on our Terms & Conditions page.  

Visibility boost 

The iXBRL data submitted will be available online to analysts and investors in minutes, giving equal opportunity to reporting entities of all sizes. 


Personalized for your expectations

You've probably heard about XBRL-based reporting and maybe you acknowledge the benefits of standardised data exchange.
However, you've also heard rumours that is 'all too complex and difficult to learn', or that it has 'lots of XML tags and other technicalities that will cost your company a fortune to implement'.
The good news is, all those rumours are false! We are happy to dispel the myths and let you know that XBRL-based financial reporting is now easier than ever: all technicalities are hidden behind a simple interface, that is not only secure and easy to use but it also comes at a low cost for your company.

We would prefer you to trust our word. But you don't need to do just that - instead, try the app in the sandbox - free for 30 days! Take your time to look around, create and validate an iXBRL report. You'll not be able to submit to ASIC while in the sandbox, but we trust you'll find the app amazingly effective and you'll decide to upgrade to a regular plan. 
We are here to help, so please give us feedback - what works for you, what it does not, and what else you'd like to see or be able to do. Thank you!

We are looking forward to seeing your digital financial reports soon!

The team at XBRL Reports