XBRL Reports

About XBRL Reports

XBRL Reports is a simple, intuitive SaaS application that allows Australian reporting entities to create, edit and download financial reports in InlineXBRL - fast, easy and very affordable.

InlineXBRL (iXBRL) is an open-source international standard for business reporting, that is currently used internationally at scale. iXBRL documents are standardised, machine-readable and human-readable files, that can be viewed by humans in any browser and interpreted by computers in seconds.

The most obvious benefit of digital financial reporting is the ability to access the disclosed financial results in seconds after reporting, enabling investors to speed up and scale up their financial analyses and to take faster and better investment decisions. 

Digital financial reports are best suited to perfirmant companies that want to improve their visibility on the financial markets and increase their opportunities to attract investments.

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Easy to use

Modern and intuitive interface. Developed for accounting professionals. No XBRL skills required. Easy to find and select the IFRS-AU taxonomy fields you need for the financial statements tables and notes.

Easy to validate

Preview and edit your financial statements and notes as often as you need until you are happy with the result. Then, simply download the iXBRL file.

Easy to manage

A compact application dashboard allows you to keep track of all your iXBRL reports. View or download as needed.

  • XBRL Reports uses the latest IFRS AU Taxonomy. Future taxonomy changes from IFRS and ASIC are made available in the software at no extra charge.
  • The software goes through regular XBRL compliance testing, to ensure conformance with the latest standard specifications and technology. 
  • Free online training is available to all users. In person (face to face) specialised training on XBRL and iXBRL is also available upon request (fees apply).
  • Free technical support is provided to all users. Our specialised Personalised Support is available for a fee.