XBRL Reports

About XBRL Reports

XBRL Reports is a light cloud-based web application that allows Australian reporting entities to submit financial statements and reports to ASIC in iXRBL format, and fulfil their annual reporting obligations fast and easy.
Why iXBRL? The world is going digital, and paper-based or PDF-based reporting are not the norm anymore. Companies, banks and other financial institutions around the world are moving fast towards digital financial and non-financial data exchange. More and more public and private companies in US, Europe and Asia are reporting in XBRL. At the same time, more and more investors, analysts and regulators around the world are using structured data for their analyses, trends assessments and investment decisions.
It is the time for Australian companies to get on the wave of digital transformation! 
Embracing the technology change, ASIC now accepts digital financial statement and reports in XBRL and Inline XBRL (iXBRL) via the Australian SBR platform. More, ASIC ruled recently that companies which submit their financial statements and reports in iXBRL format do not need to also submit PDF or paper versions of the same reports. 

Get started

Easy to use

Modern and intuitive interface. Developed for accountants. No XBRL knowledge required. Easy to find and select the fields you need for each financial statement.

Easy to validate

Preview your statements as often as you need and validate with ASIC in real-time, until you are happy with the result. Then simply submit and celebrate!

Easy to manage

A compact application dashboard lists all your past and current iXBRL reports to ASIC. Preview, download or print as needed.

  • XBRL Reports uses the latest IFRS AU Taxonomy. Future changes in taxonomy from IFRS and SBR Australia will be made available in the software at no extra charge.
  • The software goes through regular XBRL and SBR testing, to ensure conformance with the latest standard specifications, technology and Australian requirements. 
  • Specialised SBR validation services allow the software to validate financial statements in real time against ASIC business rules, and submit only valid reports directly to the ASIC database.
  • Free online training on XBRL Reports is available for all subscribers. In person (face to face) specialised training on iXBRL and IFRS AU taxonomy is also available.  Discounts apply to our Premium subscribers (see the Pricing page).
  • Technical support is provided to all users. Our specialised Tagging Assistant is available to our Premium subscribers.